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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Maiden Voyage aboard the Blog!

This an official post on my first official blog.
Let it be written and let it be done.

I'm also going to test this little blogger with a picture.
This is an announcement, announcing the arrival of my son, Brenan.
Beautiful you say? Yes.
Sleeping well? No.


Blogger MadonnaMa said...

Great stuff. God bless your venture. Love the baby pic's.
You are all in my prayer's.

Love and God's richest blessings,
Aunt Donna

11:09 AM

Blogger Luke Coles said...

Hey Chad,
Congrats on your baby boy. Isn't it an awesome thing to be a dad. My boy Tyson is over 5 months old. I'm not sure if you remember me. I was an ACA intern when you were with AVB. You could check out my blogspot at lukecolesb.blogspot.com
By the way. I can't get enough of your "Show Me." Wow! You continue to write some great stuff. Take care of that family of yours.
In Him,
Luke Coles

4:36 PM

Blogger sonicido said...

Hi Chad. Congrats on your baby, beautiful wife, and your great work.
I used to make you salsa when you were about 12 years old-remember then my name was, Wanda Martens ;)
I have a blog here (onlysonicido.blogspot.com) and you can see all the kids pics at: myspace.com/sonicido. That link is on my blogspot dashboard.
If you have a myspace friend me! JoAnna (22) has asked me several times if I knew where you were; and Franky is soon to be 26! Rozy is wilder than them! but still has her sweet fun little heart.
We had Christmas with Matt Adams-do you remember him?
Hugs and love to all
Soni (wanda)

9:34 PM

Blogger tobias said...

great work i've just vistited your site. i like your work! god bless you for all the stuff you do for him. if your interested you can visit my website: www.2bgrafik.ch
greetings from a graphist and music lover from switzerland... ;-)

2:16 PM


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